Intro to Land Trauma is a three-month self-guided course and will offer perspectives from myself and others around the separation of humans from earth. Through essays, readings, physical practices, and writing prompts, you will uncover the land trauma within yourself and your lineage. Without feeling the wound, we cannot heal it. This course offers a chance to feel and step into the wound.

I’m currently defining Land Trauma as: a severed connection from the land that nurtured a person and/or their ancestors; the lost messages and ways of living communicated by the earth to indigenous peoples, especially due to histories of, and current, systemic oppression; and the physical trauma inflicted by humans onto the land.

This is not a crash course. This is an introduction to the wounds so many of us hold around land. This is one step of a journey to healing our relationship to land, to knowing abundant unconditional love from the earth, and to reciprocating the love we receive.

If you are not indigenous to the land you currently live on – if you or your ancestors have migrated, either voluntarily or due to force – if you’ve traveled as a means of escape and found dissatisfaction in rootlessness – if you’ve never felt grounded – if you’ve longed for home – if your wounds have led you towards addiction or dissociation – if you believe in restoring indigenous relations to land – this course is for you.

By signing up for the three month course, you’ll receive:

*Biweekly email folders with some combination of healing practices, readings, interviews, and creative portals

*Entrance into a participant-guided healing pod, with other people in the course with whom you can share, heal, and create

*Three months of one-on-one email support with MAT, which varies depending on you, but might include: tarot draws, podcast recommendations, affirmations, feedback on portals, and/or check-ins.

The course registration will close on April 19, or when ten people sign up. Registration is $200-$400, sliding scale. There are partial scholarships and payment plans available. Register by venmo’ing @postcardsfrommat or paypal’ing me at ​​, with your email address in the details.

(description: image of a brown femme sitting on the ground, looking over their left shoulder into the distance. they hold their knee in to their body and laugh. the details of the workshop are listed in the image.)

Accessibility: all audio of the course will be also offered in written form. Most of the practices encourage an outdoor space, although indoor options will be given.